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Inside Scoop is one of Malaysia’s most popular ice cream chain. They are known for their variety of delicious ice cream in popular local flavours such as durian, teh tarik, and cendol. With a majority of their sales coming through walk-ins to their retail outlets, the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent Movement Control Order (MCO) caused a sharp decline in their main revenue stream.


When Inside Scoop approached us, their goal was to scale digital sales during the pandemic where customers largely did their shopping online



In Revenue

on seasonal products.


Scaled Ads

Of 1 year’s ads spend

As a result of proper targeting with increased ads spend, Inside Scoop’s range of seasonal products sold out online before the campaign’s end. They enjoyed 13x growth in revenue which brought along the confidence to significantly scale their online marketing budget.


Inside Scoop has an existing online presence on Facebook built largely through organic traffic. They also did not have experience in managing a huge budget for Facebook ad purchases.


Our challenge was to attribute e-commerce to their offline sales as Inside Scoop’s retail outlets were still their main revenue stream.


We began with an audit on their past Facebook ad campaigns analytics to identify high performing ads and its featured offer. Based on past campaign data, we formulated a funnel strategy starting with raising awareness on Inside Scoop’s seasonal products.

Inside Scoop’s seasonal flavours are available only for a limited duration and majority of their customers who found out about seasonal flavours were walk-in customers. Now that people are stuck in their homes, customers would likely not be aware unless they followed the updates on Inside Scoop’s Facebook or Instagram page.

Next, we advised Inside Scoop on different offer mechanics to test with their ads – ranging from a freebie with purchase, free delivery, or a percentage discount accessed via a discount code. These offer tests were to identify the most exciting offer to Inside Scoop’s customers.

We ran a new Facebook ads campaign with A/B tests on each agreed offer paired with individual target groups to identify the best performing ads and optimized the campaigns based on further acquired data.