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Drypers is Malaysia’s leading baby diapers brand of over 16 years that produces locally made baby diapers and baby essentials. Drypers has an e-commerce store with Lazada, Shopee, and their goods are also sold under VindaMall’s web store.


When Drypers approached us, their return on ad spend (ROAS) on Facebook had been in a continuous decline for 3 months. They wanted to stop the decline and scale their online revenue but did not know how or what was causing it.

In Revenue



By implementing our solutions on different offers and audience segmentizing, Drypers enjoyed an increase in their ROAS by 18x along with 50% increase in revenue from their sale over the previous months.


We audited their Facebook ads account and discovered that their targeting was broadly defined and little segmentation. Drypers was getting clicks on their ads but these clicks were not converting. They were also unsure of what offers worked and what did not.


First, we had to identify why the audience was clicking into Drypers’ campaign but not purchasing. We found out that the campaign’s landing page was not ready, resulting in a low add to cart & conversion rate. By referring to past campaign data, we identify offer strategy that can help boost conversion rate and modelled after it. 

Drypers team quickly followed through on a new promotion mechanics for the campaign. With a new offer strategy and targeting strategy in place, we proceeded with targeting by segmentizing their target audience to ones who were highly likely to purchase Drypers’ products.

Over the campaign, we launched their Facebook ads campaign with A/B tests on available offers and segmentized targeting. We continued to monitor insights throughout the campaign’s timeline and further optimise and scale the targeting and ads creatives.

The add to cart and conversion rates the highest conversion rate responded according to what we have modelled and this led to 50% uplift in ROAS.