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Corvan develops home appliances with cutting-edge technology to solve a big problem in modern society – the lack of time and energy to upkeep the home’s cleanliness. Think robot vacuum cleaners and robotic mops.


The COVID-19 pandemic and Movement Control Order (MCO) affected Corvan’s main revenue stream which was obtained through their retail outlets. Corvan has an online store on Lazada and Shopee along with an existing web store. But the online revenue was far from the amount brought in by their physical stores.


Corvan needed to scale online sales to compensate the loss of their main revenue stream, and they needed it fast.


In Revenue



In 4 months, we multiplied their revenue 8x the previous year’s while getting 8x return on ads spend through Facebook Ads alone. As a result of the scale, Corvan invested further with us to expand their digital sales channels beyond Facebook into SEO, web CRO, and email marketing.


We ran an audit on Corvan’s digital assets, only to find that their digital ads channel was non-existent. This led to our biggest challenge: lack of past ad analytics and pixels to benchmark and gather insights. We had to start driving online traffic to their e-commerce platforms without past data to assist while working with a small budget.


First, we had to determine the best online advertising platform that would quickly drive online traffic and sales on a budget.

We began our strategy by identifying Corvan’s customer persona through available online and offline sales data. What were Corvan’s customers interested in? What were the challenges faced by Corvan’s customers? Which platforms would these customers usually be found?

We formed hypotheses to answer the questions and determined that the best way forward was to validate them through Facebook ads. Facebook ads were the most viable option because of its affordability and it suited the visual nature of Corvan’s products.

Next, we developed a proper experimentation plan to validate our hypotheses and scale through Facebook. Our experiment involved running Facebook ad campaigns to validate our hypotheses on Corvan’s target audience and acquire more data while driving online traffic and sales.

With data obtained through A/B tests with various target groups, we were able to further segmentize targeting on their Facebook ads to maximize Corvan’s ROAS.