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DriveFunnels is a digital advertising agency comprising of a team of growth marketing and customer acquisition specialists that help businesses achieve digital sales growth through the development of a data driven process across multiple digital marketing channels.


We have helped develop digital growth strategy and managed multiple performance marketing campaigns for online retailers to drive eCommerce sales as well as driving lead generation for B2B brands. 


We believe that driving successful online sales & business growth requires more than just having a big creative idea.


It requires a considerations across many moving parts:

– Understanding of various products & services type & buying cycle

– Tracking of customer acquisition & digital marketing analytics

– Validation & insights driven digital advertising methodology

– Tight digital implementation process across your marketing & advertising channels.


We have consistently worked with business owners to multiply growth in their digital sales through performance & analytics driven methodologies.



Our mantra: “Launch Fast. Fail Fast. Learn Fast. Succeed Fast.” Time is of essence in the digital world, which is why we keep operations and processes fast but effective by cutting the fluff and focusing on what really matters to bring in results – sales & data.


We believe that behind every successful digital strategy is proper campaign structure supported by an integrated system of analytics across the marketing channels with the purpose of collecting actionable data.


For everything we do, we ask ourselves, did we get smarter? That’s why we keep testing to validate what works. We don’t pretend to know everything. Each action and iterations taken by us are done in view of seeking validation for performance growth.


It is easy to get numbed by the many channels & data in digital campaigns. We don’t puke data but we look beyond to find insights into your customers to help us make better growth hacking decisions.


To see data & analytics as a common language used for decision making and growth acceleration in the business world.


To help business owners & marketing leaders launch easily online, so that they can drive sales growth at scale and with intelligence.


Coming from a corporate finance background, XP was working on a corporate turnaround project that has failed in spite of cost cutting measures. He decided to embark on the “revenue” side of the equation that can bring greater upside potential to businesses over cost cutting.


Through the introduction of Ryan (co-founder), he stumbled upon Digital Marketing and joined a regional digital marketing agency where he excelled in performance marketing & analytics field that involves tons of number crunching skill to succeed. He has managed digital ads for multiple large clients account through social media and search engine marketing channels.


Within just a short 1 and half year stint, he has managed over 7 figures of ads spent and online revenue generation. He decided to found DriveFunnels in 2019 with the focus to further develop customer acquisition methodology for businesses through a lean and data driven methodology.


In early 2020, Ryan joined on-board as co-founder to bring in further capabilities in digital strategy consultation. We have helped multiple brands generate performance growth and built a team of specialist rooted in the discipline of data, experimentation and sales funneling, racking in many profitable campaigns.


We believe that results based on transparency & hard metrics are the best judge of our work.


In 2020, DriveFunnels became partners with OpenMinds, a tech and digital driven consultancy with over 9 years of digital marketing experiences, consulting over 100 brands from various industries across Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Europe to extend our know-how to bring greater transformations to big and small companies alike.


We are also passionate lead trainers through the group’s training arm, OpenAcademy who regularly produces digital content & training for both public and corporations alike.

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